«Quantum technology taken to its speed limit»

27 April 2011

Prof. Tommaso Calarco

Prof. Dr. Tommaso Calarco

  • Full Professor (W3) of Quantum Information Processing, University of Ulm (D)
  • Post-doctoral employee, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • Senior researcher (Tenure-Track), Centro BEC-INFM, Trento (I)


Quantum effects form the basis of most present-day information technologies. However, the full power of quantum coherence has not yet been tapped for everyday technological applications. The exquisite level of control of current atomic physics experiments may enable this, for instance in the field of quantum communication and quantum computing - but scalable quantum information processing requires extremely precise operations. Quantum optimal control theory allows to design the evolution of realistic systems in order to attain the best possible performance that is allowed by the laws of quantum mechanics. I will present a range of its applications to a variety of quantum technologies, and discuss its use in probing the ultimate limits to the speed of the corresponding quantum processes.