Dye-sensitized Solar Cells — Materials and Interfaces

Презентация доклада

Prof. Lars Kloo

Prof. Lars Kloo

Applied Physical Chemistry, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden


One of the great challenges for mankind in the very near future is access to inexpensive energy. At the same time as the energy demand of the World continues to increase as a result of improvement of life standard for an increasing part of the population, also traditional sources of energy are either expiring or becoming less publicly accepted because of dire environmental consequences. Considering that less than 1 hour of solar light reaching the surface of the Earth corresponds to the annual energy consumption of the World, it is clear where the future source of renewable, clean and in practical sense endless source of energy exist: Solar light. Today, existing technologies for solar energy conversion are too inefficient and too expensive to fill the needs after fossil and nuclear energy. This talk will focus on one of the emerging technology for solar light conversion into electricity; the dye-sensitized solar cell. Through its conceptual simplicity – it is essentially a simple electrochemical cell - it offers possibilities to low-cost production of solar cell modules. However, its simplicity is also its main drawback; many reactions need to be balanced in order to render an efficient and stable solar cell. The present lecture will give a general background to the solar energy field with a focus on dye-sensitized solar cells. Thereafter, a few examples of ongoing research within the Center for Molecular Devices will be highlighted in order to illustrate the challenges faced to make dye-sensitized solar cells an alternative for future energy production.

Отчет о семинаре

19 апреля состоялось девятое заседание научного семинара «Перспективные наноматериалы». С докладом «Dye-sensitized Solar Cells — Materials and Interfaces» выступил профессор Lars Kloo из Королевского технологического института г. Стокгольма.

В докладе были затронуты проблемы превращения солнечной энергии в электрическую энергию. Автором доклада были описаны основные проблемы в области солнечной энергетики и предложены интересные способы их решения. Обсуждаемая тема вызвала интерес у химиков и физиков различных специальностей, в основном работающих в областях неорганической, органической и физической химии, электрохимии. После доклада произошла оживленная и долгая дискуссия.


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