Composite Nanomaterials Educational Program

1st Semester

NoCourseClass hoursExamination
1Methods of Teaching Chemistry36 Exam
2History and Methodology of Chemistry36 Pass/fail exam
3Fundamentals of Computer Modeling36 Pass/fail exam
4Foreign Language 68Exam
5Philosophical Issues in Natural Science3434Pass/fail exam
6Elective Subjects68 Pass/fail exam
7Innovative Project Management36 Exam
8Fabrication Techniques of Polymers and Polymer Composites36 Pass/fail exam
9Mechanical Properties of Materials28 Pass/fail exam

2nd Semester

NoCourseClass hoursExamination
1Current Issues in Materials Science32 Exam
2Foreign Language 68Pass/fail exam, exam
3Philosophical Issues in Natural Science3434Pass/fail exam, exam
4Elective Subjects6860Pass/fail exam, exam
5Technological Management. Business Management and Fundamentals of Economics32 Pass/fail exam
6Binders for Manufacturing Polymer Construction Materials32 Exam
7Practical Patenting and Intellectual Property Protection32 Pass/fail exam

Research Projects (as a Course Paper under laboratories and fields ), 9 weeks.

3rd Semester

NoCourseClass hoursExamination
1Regionally-oriented Subjects within Chemistry 60Pass/fail exam, exam
2Special Chapters of Mechanics of Materials28 Exam
3Research and Diagnostic Methods of Nanoobjects and Nanosystems28 Exam
4Diagnostic Methods of Polymers and Polymer Composites 28 (лаб)Pass/fail exam
5Mechanical Properties of Materials28 Pass/fail exam
6Current Approaches to Textile Processing of 3D Prepreg Fibers28 Exam
7Primary Equipment for Textile Processing of Fibers and Equipment for Production and Quality Control of Prepregs28 Pass/fail exam
8High Tenacity Reinforcing Materials28 Exam
9Elective Subjects60 Exam
10Philosophical Issues in Natural Science3434Pass/fail exam, exam
11Innovative Project Management36 Exam

Research and Teaching, 6 weeks.

4th Semester

NoCourseClass hoursExamination
1Manufacturing Process of Component Parts, Products, Constructions40 4 exams

Graduate Thesis Research, 19 weeks.